Intelligent Automation – Robotic Process Automation

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Robotic Process Automation

The fastest-growing technology with the greatest power for disruption is Robotic Process Automation(RPA). So what is RPA? RPA simply eliminates mundane, repetitive tasks. It also begins to replace higher-level cognitive human abilities with a far greater capacity for volume, analysis, accuracy, and consistency than can currently be performed by humans. The goal of RPA is to improve business process efficiencies and reduce reliance on manual-based spreadsheets while transitioning toward real-time business functions; e.g. finance, payroll, legal, human resources, etc.

Benefits of RPA


Reducing manual intervention, effective at following tedious and detailed instructions, producing work i.e. free of duplication and errors.


Working around the clock, speeding up processing times and throughput, and increasing capacity.


Supporting better compliance (and therefore, organizational governance) by embedding requirements into automation rules.


Eliminating human misbehavior (intentional or not) and reducing the risk of security, threats, and data breaches within the organization.

Business Continuity

Allowing processes to be switched easily and smoothly to other servers, which expedites disaster recovery processes.

Talent Retention

Intellectually challenging work leverages the potential of people.

Value Insights

Visibility and data used to create business insight into processes.

Key Highlights


RPA - digital workers created and Implemented


BluePrism/UiPath (RPA) instances implemented


Co-bots working in production along with human staff


Customers trained


Manual hours saved


Unique processes


Pilot conducted


Global implementations

  • Digital Transformation—Strategy & Solution Design
  • Blue Prism Infrastructure set-up and maintenance. (Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Prem)
  • COE Set up & Nurturing
  • Business Process Discovery and analysis for automation
  • Development and support of the digital workforce
  • Enhancements of the digital workforce.
  • Training (Internal & External)
  • Proof Of Concepts/ Prototype development

Processes Automated with RPA

  • Document Capture Data Entry
  • 3.Way Matching
  • GL Coding
  • Reconciliation activities
  • Customer onboarding process
  • Approval Process for Mortgages
  • Fixed Asset Amortization
  • Foreign Exchange and Bad debt write-offs
  • New account (multiple) entry
  • Journal entry
  • Vendor Interactions
  • Payments
  • Document Review & Approvals
  • Process Management & Controls
  • Exception Processing
  • And more…