Intelligent Automation – Robotic Process Automation

What is Independent Verification and Validation? 

IV&V means that a completely independent entity evaluates the work products generated by a team that is designing and/or executing a given project. The IV&V provider will often monitor and evaluate every aspect of the project itself from inception to completion. 

Independent Verification

Why Should SPS Be Your IV&V provider?

Far more important than our ability to analyze is our ability to distill and communicate the results of that analysis in a form that ensures project success. SPS excels at tailoring and presenting findings at either a technical or executive level…an imperative for any successful IV&V project. 

SPS’s Independent Verification and & Validation (IV&V) methodology, processes and tools are based on a combination of industry standards from the IEEE 1012-2004 and the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute’s (SEI) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) approach to process improvement.