About Assima

Deliver the most powerful applications training at scale

Assima is the most efficient way to create simulations the feel and react like your live system. Empower users with hands-on experience without risking your customers and confidential data.

Driving user adoption since 2002

Trained millions of end users  ISO

27001 certified

Trusted by 15 out of 20 of the largest  banks in the US and EMEA

Trusted by 4 out of 10 of the Fortune 500

4 patents on object capture authoring tool

Assima is trusted by the majority of the Fortune 50

Challenges & Solutions

Content Developers Challenges

– Develop on IT to create training.
– Have to retake screen shots  everytime there’s an update.


– Create hyper-realistic simulations as easily as taking screenshots,  without depending on IT.
– Update content from single  source file and republish in  minutes.

End Users Challenges

– Anxious about making costly  mistakes.
– Forget processes.
– Frustrated and quit.


– Deliver immersive, structured learning experiences.
– Plug learning gaps with answers at the point of need.
– Double-check critical inputs instantly with Digital Assistant.
– Keep users engaged with push  notifications.

Business  Leaders Challenges

– Deploy cost-effective training swiftly, in multiple languages.
– Compliance and regulations.
– Maximize your applications ROI


– Deliver risk-free, multilingual training in record time.
– Increase speed to competency with hyper-realistic simulations.
– Boost employee performance and prevent mistakes with Digital Assistant.
– Reduce costs by replacing your sandbox.

Translate content in multiple languages without recapture

Capture processes in one language and generate them in any other language quickly. Speed up international system rollouts.

Deploy consistent training at scale in record time

Deliver training content up to 70% faster Adapt training to local differences by creating multiple data sets from the same lesson flow.

Onboard faster and make users proficient on day 1

Onboard employees up to 45% faster Users build confidence and skills quickly. Effective on day 1. No loss in productivity during software upgrades or rollouts.

What makes Assima a game-changer?

With our patented cloning technology, creating hyper-realistic simulations is as simple as taking screenshots. No IT required. Maintaining lessons is exponentially faster.

Maintain content without starting from scratch

Every time there’s an update, content creators are forced to recapture and edit a new set of screenshots. This creates an exponentially larger pile of menial work. With Assima, they can update content with 10 times fewer screen captures and roll it globally in a few clicks.

Unlock substantial savings by replacing your sandbox

Assima frees your IT team from the risks, costs, and headaches of maintaining a dedicated training environment. No more time wasted creating dummy data and performing data refreshes.

Patented authoring tool

Create high-impact training in record-time

Digital Assistant

Enhance your training with performance support

See the world’s most powerful applications training in action.